Pirate Profile: Suenami Stryker

In this week’s Pirate Profile, Suenami Stryker airs her dirty laundry and shares her most embarrassing on-track moment. I wish we had a photo!


Muggle name: Letisha Tan

Derby number: 131

Role: Travel team skater

No. years involved in derby: 1.5 years



What’s your roller derby backstory?

It started on the ramps. My friend Lynzy was doing derby in Hong Kong and she told me all about quad skating. I used to do aggressive inlines as a kid and, where I grew up, there were hardly any female skaters. I met my new tribe that summer day on the ramps and I did my first drop-in on quads (with Nanny McFreak holding my hand). The same bunch were doing Fresh Meat and I caught the derby bug.

How did you come to choose your derby name and number?

My middle name is Sue and I have a little tic that makes me do little twirls sometimes like a tidal wave hence the name Suenami. But it gets fearsome on track and unstoppable when Suenami Strykes. 131 represents my birthday, 13 October.

How do you spend your time outside of roller derby?

I enjoy travelling and being in nature. I also have a fluffy bichon cross maltese called Moochi.

What do you do in real life?

I run a busy financial advisory and insurance brokerage service. What can I say? Straight laced by day and a Stryker by night? Sounds like a character off Marvel. Yes, not your typical financial advisor.

What keeps you coming back every week?

The team. I have met some of the most inspiring and strong women in our derby family that I am proud to surround myself with. Also the challenge as a jammer trying to pry through different walls and working with my team to learn from each player’s perspective.

Has anything funny/embarrassing ever happened to you trackside/ on track? Tell us!

It was during a major selection trial and I was in a hurry to get on track. Alas, the strap of my unzipped bag caught my wheels and out spewed my dirty laundry (bra included) on track as I carried on skating. Lesson learnt: always check around to make sure there is no booby trap!



Pirate Profile: Evil

In today’s Pirate Profile, we introduce you to the purest form of evil: our junior skater, Evil!



Derby name: Evil

Muggle name: Eve Moon

Derby number: 668

Role: Junior skater

No. years involved in derby: 1y



What’s your roller derby backstory?

Basically, I tried my friend’s roller skates and I thought it was really fun. So I got my own pair for my birthday.  I joined because I saw my mum doing roller derby and I wanted to do it too.


How did you come to choose your derby name and number?

I chose my derby name because Evil sounds like Eve, and is scary! My dad suggested my number, because it’s the ‘number of the beast’.


How do you spend your time outside of roller derby?

School, circus (my specialty is the Lyra), basketball, reading and of course skating. Some people have commented that I may sleep in my skates……


What do you do in real life?

Roller derby.  :-)


What keeps you coming back every week?

It’s fun!


What’s your most memorable roller derby moment?

Probably when I first started skating on my own roller skates. I can still remember it…it felt great. It felt like it was my thing!

Pirate Profile: Batman

Fresh from crime-crushing activities in Gotham City, this week’s Pirate Profile puts the spotlight (or bat signal) on our very own (na-na na-na na-na na-naBATMAN!


Derby name: Batman

Muggle name: Britt

Derby number: 228

Role: Pool skater

No. years involved in derby: 1.5 years



What’s your roller derby backstory?

I was working in a camp in america and we took the kids skating at a roller skating rink. I loved it, couldn’t stop, and my next thought was I should join derby. 6 months later, I went to an open skate, then got involved with fresh meat, and the rest is history.


How did you come to choose your derby name and number?

My derby name choose me – or was more given to me on the open day skate from wearing a batman singlet. It stuck – it felt fitting and right.  228 when going off the keypad spelt ‘bat’, so that worked.


How do you spend your time outside of roller derby?

Thinking about the next skate XP
I’m studying nursing (in my second year!) so study and derby are greedy for my time but always love spending time with friends and family


What do you do in real life?



What keeps you coming back every week?

I’m addicted in every way possible but it is so much more than just skating: there are amazing relationships made that now form my derby family. I love the rush, and the feeling of growing and just skating any worries away


Any advice to people thinking of starting roller derby?

DO IT and don’t give up keep trying

Pirate Profile: Selkie Smooth

WELCOME to the first in a new line of updates here on the Pirate City Rollers website. Every fortnight, we’ll be releasing a profile of one of our wonderful Pirates so that you, our adoring public, can get to know us a little better.  

Without further ado, our first skater (chosen at random) is Selkie Smooth, a mythical creature who works in a starship. Don’t believe me? Then read on…


Derby name: Selkie Smooth

Muggle name: Jo Hegarty/Moon depending on what I’m doing

Derby number: 29

Role: Pool skater and apprentice Brawler :-)

No. years involved in derby: 1.5 years



What’s your roller derby backstory?

I had skates as a kid, then bought a new pair of skates when I was 17 years old, just for fun.  I really wanted a pair with rainbows on them like my first pair, but when I went to Skate Attack in London (UK) they only had these really ugly looking boots that they said were for roller derby and one elegant looking (Moxi style) pair that I bought…. There was no roller derby in any of the cities I lived in before I came to Auckland!  I came along and watched a PCR bout and I knew immediately I wanted to be a Pirate – black clothes, skulls, attitude and freedom to be who I am – I had found my people.

How did you come to choose your derby name and number?

One of my friends gave me my name, after my Selkie tattoo.  A selkie is a creature (perhaps mythical, perhaps not) from the West coast of Ireland and Scotland that is part seal, part human.  When they take off their sealskin they take on human form.  My selkie represents the two sides to me –  the conventional work life in human form and the free spirit that I am when I don my true form…….

29, because it’s a prime number and the other prime numbers I liked with double digits were taken.

How do you spend your time outside of roller derby?

What life outside roller derby?

What do you do in real life?

I’m a Neonatologist (Paediatrician who looks after sick newborn babies in Neonatal Intensive Care) in Starship Hospital.

What keeps you coming back every week?

Freedom to be me.  Sassy attitude of my derby family. Fun on skates. A desire to improve (I will conquer transitions yet!). It’s SO addictive.  A physical contact sport for women, what’s not to love?

Any advice to people thinking of starting roller derby?

Just do it.  Come along to a bout, say hello to someone, tell us you’re interested!  

Don’t be afraid that you can’t skate – each and every skater you see on the track, no matter how awesome had to learn from the beginning too.

What’s your current skate set-up (boots, plate, stoppers, wheels, cushions, skate lace colour – all the dirty details!

I’m still in my freshmeat skates… but just about to upgrade to a pair of Bont.


We hope you enjoyed meeting Selkie half as much as we enjoy skating with her. Comment, like and share this post to show your appreciation – we’d love to hear from you!

All(Scar)-American Heroes: Division 2 Playoffs

SAT AM: The crowd went wild here in Auckland as our illustrious All Scars represented Pirate City Rollers in their first battle of the weekend, taking on Boston Roller Derby at the Division 2 Playoffs in Pittsburgh, USA. Pirate supporters hunkered down for early morning viewing parties to enjoy what turned out to be an epic battle between equals. After two furious halves, and some knife-edge jams, the final score was an agonisingly close 194­­–184 in Boston’s favour. It was an incredible performance from the All Scars, and a trailblazing achievement as the first New Zealand team to ever participate in the WFTDA Divisional Playoffs.  

In their own words, “It was an intense game with multiple lead changes and we are all stoked with how we represented our team, league, and country”. HECK YEAH!

Back here in Auckland, a piratical hoard of extremely proud fans wait excitedly for the team’s second game against Bear City Roller Derby tomorrow (Sunday, NZ time).

For more info, and a hot-off-the-track interview with our AS, check out the Facebook page HERE!

A late post but a post nonetheless

Over a weekend ago (28th July is you want to be precise), the Pirate’s very own All Scars team went on a little pilgrimage to Whakatane for a friendly WFTDA strength factor game. This would be the last game for the All Scars before they head of to the US and A for Division 2 Playoffs (Pittsburgh). .

Thank you to the Whakatane Roller Derby League for hosting the event. We would also like to thank all the volunteers, NSOs, referees and audience members who came along to this event. Special shout out to our own Purple Parfait for being an NSO ninja.


If you are still reading this article, you have the patience of a saint. I have just one last message for you all and that is follow our Facebook page! You’ll see all our pirating antics (not the illegal kind), updates about events and we sometimes give away or sell our wares and treasures online. It’s worth a peek :)Two 30mins halves, a short half-time and some timeouts in between, the final score was 97 points to WRDL and 235 points to our All Scars. But don’t let the score fool you, those points weren’t easy. Have you ever tried to push a WRDL wall? Neither. It made me nervous just watching.

It wasn’t all work and no play for our Pirates though. Between the driving, bantering, snoozing and wailing to every great song ever recorded, we managed a couple of video recordings for our social media and givealittle followers. One involved a rainbow bikini and another with a couple of litres of milk. No idea what I’m on about? Cruise on over to our Facebook page and have a look for yourself or check out our givealittle page.

We have more hilarious antics to come but only if we reach our fundraising goals. I heard laughter is a great way to develop core so donating is probably easier and cheaper than that gym membership.

All Scars to the K-Town Shakedown and The Big O

Pirate City Roller’s All Scars are competing in back to back WFTDA tournaments: The K-Town Shakedown in Kalamazoo, Michigan and The Big O in Eugene, Oregon.

Image may contain: text

The K-Town Shakedown is a WFTDA Recognized tournament welcoming WFTDA Division 1-3 A and B teams as well as MRDA leagues from the US, Canada, Sweden, and New Zealand. The Big O Tournament is one of the biggest annual WFTDA events hosting Women’s, Men’s, and Junior roller derby teams from both the U.S. and around the world.

While the All Scars travel abroad each year to work on their international ranking, this is the first time they’ve been accepted into two back-to-back tournaments.

You can keep up to date with the Pirate City Rollers on Facebook and by following the event pages for the K-Town Shakedown and The Big O.

Freshmeat Open Day this weekend!

Image may contain: 2 people

Keen to start a new sport this year? Watched Whip It and felt inspired to become a Roller Derby queen? Now’s your chance to get involved!

Pirate City Rollers are starting their first Freshmeat course of 2017 with an Open Day on Sunday February 12th. During the course you’ll be taught the basics of roller skating and the game of roller derby. You’ll also become part of a great community of strong and athletic people from all walks of life.

NO previous experience required!

Suitable for those keen to play, referee, or who’re just interested in finding out more about Roller Derby. Gear will be available to hire, but you’ve got to bring your drink bottles. Make sure to wear clothes that you’re
comfortable to do sport in. Derby Depot will be there selling everything you need to play roller derby, with full pad sets available on the day.

What: Freshmeat Open Day
Where: Trusts Arena in Henderson
When: 12pm-2pm.
Who: Anyone interested in roller skating and roller derby. No age limit for the Open Day.
Cost: $5 entry to Open Day & $5 skate and protective gear hire.
Sign up to our Freshmeat newsletter.

Facebook Event